Speakers: GSA Convention 2023

Silvia Agha-Schantl

The communication scientist, a true bundle of energy has been the expert for 18 years when it comes to selling with know how.

Karen Christine Angermayer

Karen Christine Angermayer is an international bestselling author of more than 40 books and bestselling series with 8 well-known German publishers.

Jacob Beautemps

German YouTuber of the Breaking Lab channel and researcher, Jacob Beautemps is working on the topic of “learning with videos” as part of his doctoral thesis.

Ariane Bertz

Ariane Bertz is a speaker, systemic coach, moderator and (co-)author of several professional books and this according to her motto “From practice, for practice”.

Kirsten Biema

Kirsten Biema grew up in an absolutely analog time. She nevertheless shows how you can fall in love with technology and realize what possibilities it offers.

Astrid Brüggemann

Astrid Brüggemann was there at hour zero of ChatGPT and dug deep into promptcrafting to tickle suitable results out of ChatGPT.

Sylvie di Giusto

Sylvie di Giusto is one of less than 12 percent of the world’s speakers to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation and has been speaking professionally around the world for more than 10 years.

Anna Engers

Anna Engers is a fully qualified lawyer AND diversity expert. As a diversity coach, she advises well-known companies.

Markus Fischer

Markus Fischer comes from the world of classical professional musicians. Through further training in psychology, he developed into a trainer, presenter and coach.

Sören Flimm

Sören Flimm stands for more resonance in the human-to-human relationship. He is an expert when it comes to reaching, moving and winning people.

Cristián Gálvez

For many years, the multi-certified coach Cristián Gálvez has successfully accompanied personalities from business, politics, sports and entertainment.

Dr. Monika Hein

Monika Hein is an expert for clear speaking: on stage as a speaker, on TV as an announcer. She is a speaker, coach and trainer.

Erna Hüls

Coach and speaker with passion, YouTuber, incorrigible optimist and boundless sensitive person.

Sven Gabor Janszky

Sven Gabor Janszky is Europe’s most innovative futurologist, founder and director of Europe’s largest independent trend research institute.

Thorsten Jekel, FPSA

As an IT entrepreneur, author and speaker, business economist and MBA Thorsten Jekel is THE expert for Digital Working.

Claudia Kimich

Claudia Kimich has a degree in computer science, IT management, sales management and has been a self-employed systemic coach and speaker for over 25 years.

Emanuel Koch

Emanuel Koch is a speaker and combines music with business impulses in his lectures.

Daniela Landgraf

Daniela Landgraf is a speaker, presenter, author coach, and writes and publishes her books and others in various publishing forms.

Marc Löffler

Marc Löffler is a mentor for Scrum Masters, author, keynote speaker and managing director of Agile Tour Guides GmbH.

Jean Meyer

He is a financial advisor and fund manager of the equity fund of funds Aaapollo 11 Global. He is one of the best financial advisors in Germany. As a speaker, Jean Meyer inspires and gives valuable tips.

Vera Peters

For over 30 years, Vera Peters and her LIFE Safaris have combined the adventure and wisdom of the wilderness with tangible business know-how.

Martin Sänger

Martin Sänger, himself an entrepreneur, consultant and multiple book author, is the founder and managing director of Playoff Industries GmbH.

Fabian Schaub

As a computer scientist, Fabian Schaub brings people in software development into dialog and makes digitization simple.

Katja Schleicher

The communication trainer and KeyNote speaker Katja Schleicher makes sure that the heart puts the right words into the head’s mouth.

Stephanie Selmer

Stephanie Selmer, IT human translator and human resources planner, is convinced that employees need an easier introduction to new IT.

Thorsten Sievert

Thorsten Sievert is channel manager at “Comedy Central” and works as a live director for many comedians and knows the comedy scene like no other.

Raquel Stahl

Raquel Stahl is the mixture of engineer, quality manager, auditor, coach, trainer and dancer. Highly sensitive, who convinces very analytically and with Spanish temperament.

Mike Staver

Mike Staver has developed speaking, training and coaching programs that help leaders achieve results they can be proud of.

Uwe Steinweh

Uwe Steinweh has been an expert, coach and speaker for business relationships and successful networking for many years.

Eldar Sultanow

Eldar is an IT junkie. He reveals why he’s on stage today in his 10min hack for life.

Jürgen Vogl

Jürgen Vogl is a full-blooded cabaret artist who has been on stage since 1996 with solo and duo programs and has already won several cabaret awards.

Mathias Wald

Mathias Wald is a keynote speaker, rhetoric trainer and media maker and speaks as a professional speaker on topics such as love, happiness and courage.

Kerstin Wemheuer

She is passionate about people and entrepreneurship. She has been running an IT consulting company with her husband for over 20 years.

Henrik Wolf

Henrik Wolf is a visualizer for complex technology, motion designer and owner of an agency for technical visualization.