Program: GSA Convention 2021

Until December 31: Call for Papers GSA Convention 2021

Vaya Wieser-Weber, Convention Chair 2021

Prof. Dr. Volker Römermann, CSP President

Das Veranstaltungsprogramm der GSA Convention wird voraussichtlich im März 2021 veröffentlicht. 

Wild times are behind us, wild times are still ahead of us.

With Corona, a shock wave went through the world and in particular through the branch of training providers and organizers. But the crisis held a lot more in store for us! At the same time, it brought so many new, good and extraordinary things with it!

All of our learning curve alone, which rose exponentially in the struggle for our calling! And not only that. What was outstanding for me was the development that we took together: If we had already exchanged ideas and shared knowledge before, the exchange of experiences in these wild times became the absolute non-plus ultra: Here the active and good Functioning associations of trainers, who gave and give support everywhere in order to strengthen the members with encouragement, advice and solidarity. And there those who gave and give tirelessly in a manner never known before! This never-before-seen wave of solidarity and community showed how powerful and important collaboration and association networks are! What an immense influence it had and still has on us that we can receive support, information and feedback through the networks within our association, exchange views and receive help because others freely make their resources available.

When I was co-opted into the presidium of the BDVT in October 2020 and at the same time was a board member of the GSA and the moderators’ association, when Volker Römermann asked if I wanted to become the Convention Chair in 2021, the vision was quickly clear: why not this incredible spirit of collaboration, communication and the culture of sharing, giving and growing togetherness not put on a higher flight level? Why not set an example that it is now the living networks that are securing our economic survival? Why not think bigger?

The BDVT and the Moderators’ Association of Germany will be present at this convention as a sign of lively networking, the mutual exchange of experiences, learning with and from one another, and their contributions will stimulate our convention in a very special way. And I am so looking forward to it and invite everyone to use this time in September 2021 to finally see old friends and companions again, and above all to make many new friendships and to network with many others in a personal and professional way new great people to expand! In keeping with the motto of the 2021 Convention: “ConAction – together through wild times!”

Your Vaya Wieser-Weber