Program of the International GSA Convention 2020

Lutz Langhoff, CSP Convention Chair 2020

Gaston Florin Convention Chair 2020

Prof. Dr. Volker Römermann, CSP President of the GSA

GSA Convention 2020: Open the scope – design – enjoy

“People are only completely where they play,” is a well-known quote from Friedrich Schiller. A look at science also confirms the assumption that playing is actually a good thing: So it was for the personal cultural historian Johan Huizinga leadership of Homo ludens, who hats culture, politics and science in a playful personal challenge.

But was it still heard today from homo ludens, the playing person? Doesn’t mean much anymore if you look around like this. “Scope? It’s only for children! “It says everywhere. As adults, we are heard, heard and heard of tasks. Play for what? It means to us that we are inefficient and pointless, to be satisfied if there is no common goal or if we are not accidental.

Children see that it is not happy: they simply play – and differ from it. Because it is the play instinct that enables them, that enables others to win the new and the world. Wait a minute – that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

It is high time that we finally play again! The best affiliation to this is the 15th International GSA Convention, which takes place at the Maritim Hotel Stuttgart from September 10th to 12th. Under the motto “open up leeway – design – create”, participants from all over the world meet for another indigenous game exchange. If we can become a game creator from why we are in time, we would have learned from poker and people for the VUCA world – and what we could have done as speakers in order to stabilize politics and the economy again.

We have not yet given too much away, but one thing is certain: in addition to exciting keynotes, practical workshops, international networking and an intensive exchange of knowledge, there will also be a lot.

In this sense: loosen the mental corset, jump over your shadows – and let the games begin!

Your congress chairs Lutz Langhoff and Gaston Florin