Speakers of the International GSA Convention 2019

Mag. phil. Silvia Agha-Schantl

The communication expert titled “Medial Multitalent” by the Kleinen Zeitung and “Communicative Genius” by the KTZ, is a sought-after keynote speaker, business trainer and coach.

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Stephanie Bosch

Living in London, Stephanie Bosch has worked in banking, management consulting and recruiting for 10 years, has an MSc in Global Leadership and is a specialist in personality diagnostics. With her brand, Explore Your Dark Side, she works with executives and changemakers who want to become aware of themselves and their reputation, and who dare to be the best of themselves.

Bernd Braun

Bernd Braun is an expert in digital etiquette & competence and a certified analog style & etiquette trainer. Since 2002 he is active in the social networks and gives seminars about the correct manners in social media.


Andreas Buhr, CSP

There is no way around Andreas Buhr on the topics of “leadership” and “sales”. The award-winning, international top speaker and trainer is recognized as a recognized expert in his field. For almost 40 years he has been inspiring the audience at major training forums and sales congresses with his leadership and sales know-how as well as with his theses on the subject of success.

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Karin Burger

The Speaker Match Maker Karin Burger, * 17.09.1969:
2002: Foundation: konzept-und-text.com
2003: Foundation: team karin burger – The agency for speakers
2018: Children’s book author: Leo, Hanna and the advertising witches

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Julie Creffield

Julie Creffield is best known for being the founder of the global plus size fitness brand Too Fat to Run. As a serial entrepreneur and expert community builder, she now coaches speakers, bloggers and influencers to make a powerful and positive impact in the world by thinking BIGGER and being more authentic. Her clients include major sports brands, local government, and universities. She is currently training for her 6th Marathon.

Mirja Dajani

Trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant and cultural scientist. Since the foundation of Impulspiloten GmbH in 2015, she has worked there as a project manager. 2005-2010 working in the conception of one of the largest corporate theaters in Germany.


Sylvie di Giusto

Sylvie di Giusto, CSP is Austrian by birth, French in her heart, Italian in her kitchen, German in her work ethic, and American by choice. Ten years ago, she boarded a plane equipped with nothing but dreams and a newborn on her lap, leaving behind friends, family, and a successful corporate career to fulfill her life dream—living in the United States. 

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Hermien Elago

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Daniel Enz

Some say that his lectures and training methods are a bit “crazy” like himself, and probably “some” are not entirely wrong. But that’s exactly what Daniel Enz stands for. Always in red sneakers and armed with boxing gloves and clown noses, he manages to draw people into his spell.

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Olga Geidane

Olga Geidane is a life changing Speaker, experienced Life Coach and very driven Business Mentor. She inspired and motivated thousands of people to transform and finally live their own lives by overcoming their challenges and limiting beliefs.

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Claudia Haider

Claudia Haider is the founder of the GSA, entrepreneur and expert in sense, life design and personality development. On her many travels to all 5 continents, the graduate tourism expert got to know different cultures and ways of life. Characterized by Vera F. Birkenbihl, she inspires her listeners to recognize their potential and to consciously shape their life journey.

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Christine Hoeft

For over 20 years, Christine Hoeft loves and lives what she trains and coaches. After years of revolutionizing sales in the retail, luxury goods, fashion and lifestyle retail space, it was more than logical for two of the largest international jewelry retailers, Swarovski and Pandora, to call them all sales channels.

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Bettina Hofstätter

Bettina Hofstätter is the founder of TRAUMUNTERNEHMEN.de and an expert on corporate and management culture. It supports medium-sized companies to secure the company’s success through human coexistence and potential development.

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Julie Holmes

Julie Holmes is an inventor, founder, entrepreneur and corporate survivor. Her favorite question is “What if?” What if you could transform your frustration into time savings and money making? It might sound crazy but that’s exactly what she’s been doing with organizations over the last 25 years.

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Wladislaw Jachtchenko

Vladislav Yachtchenko is an award-winning expert, a top speaker in Europe and a sought-after business coach. Since 2007, he lectures, trains and coaches politicians, executives and employees of well-known companies such as Allianz, BMW, Pro7, Westwing, 3M and many others.

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Philipp Kauthe

Born in 1984 ++ Performances as the youngest comedian in Germany at the age of 9 years ++ with 12 years own skits ++ since 20 years Radio host ++ since 2009 NDR-Moderator ++ stand-up-comedy on local TV ++ cabaret lectures


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Boris Nikolai Konrad

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, CSP has a doctorate in brain science, multiple world champion in memory sports and internationally lecturer on memory training, brain research and artificial intelligence. In 2016, at the tender age of 32, he was awarded the NSA’s “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP) in Dallas.

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Heinrich Kürzeder

is the head and the heart of the agency 5 star speaker. Trade media call him the “speaker-maker”. Because he not only sets up speakers and supports them in their development, but knows as a sales professional exactly how successful sales of the product “speeches and speakers” works. The success of his own agency is clear evidence of his salesmanship.

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Daniela Landgraf

After graduation I went into the financial industry and have remained true to her since: 20 years sales, 5 years leadership and 12 years training in the finance industry (ran parallel for several years). Three years ago, I discovered the topic of being a speaker for myself.

Martin Laschkolnig

Margit Lieverz 

Margit Lieverz is THE free speaker. She is a trained cook, studied hotel management, former event manager, trained actress, experienced moderator, media trainer and coach, speaker and author.

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Anna Liotta, CSP

Anna Liotta, MA, CSP, is an award-winning keynote speaker and best-selling author with a deep understanding from 20 years of research on how generational demographics and dynamics affect every aspect of business success.

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Cheryl Ness

Cheryl Ness is a writer and business consultant. She is from Stuttgart, Germany; has lived in 9 countries and speaks 5 languages. Stefanie studied Business Administration, Law and Computer Science and has 10 years of experience as a Manager and Database Specialist. Her work focuses on artificial intelligence and cellular automata and she is a board member in several companies in India, the UK and Germany.


Susanne Nickel

Business Consultant and Speaker. She is Head of Management Dev. At Kienbaum and has been in the consulting business for over 20 years. She is THE business woman for your business. As Head of HR of a leading global training and consulting firm, she has initiated and supported changes from the DAX Group to SMEs. Your customers and participants agree: Top ratings and 100% recommendation for advice and training. GSA Uni: Graduate with Best Keynote 2016. Top 100 Speaker since 2017.

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Thomas Pütter

Thomas Pütter is a thoroughbred entrepreneur, expert on leadership 4.0 & employee enthusiasm. THINK NEW! is his program: his name is his agency for enterprise development, it is the title of his success book and his life motto!

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Joachim Rumohr

Joachim Rumohr is Hamburg and Northern Lights with body and soul. Since 2006 he passes on his knowledge professionally as a consultant, trainer and lecturer. His focus is the digitized business dealings with XING + LinkedIn in B2B sales.

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Monika Scheddin

Sales Manager Brother, CEO Microdynamics
1995 Foundation of WOMAN Business Academy GmbH + Business Club
Books: eg. Success Strategy Networking, Divenkalender (Volume 10, Publishing Calender Award cleared)
5th congress
2014 publisher founded

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Kathrin Seifarth

After an international business administration degree and a marketing career (P & G), I have been self-employed as a trainer, coach and moderator since 2008. I have published three books. My motto: solve unconscious success brakes in the individual and in teams and thus switch to autopilot.

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Joachim Simon

Co-founder of mindshine and since 12 years self-employed in the field of leadership development. Previously, Joachim was in two major corporations and a management consultancy. Three years ago, he launched the online course Egoleading® and launched the coaching app mindshine® as co-founder of one year. Mindshine recently managed to get a substantial seed investment. The app got the seal from Apple: “New Apps we love”. Currently, 20,000 users are registered with mindshine, of which 40% are from the USA – and so far without paid advertising! Anyone who would like to gain first-hand background information about the business with online courses and apps is exactly right in Joachim’s workshop “Success in Digital Business”.

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Dr. Michael Stein

Dr. Michael Stein is working on the digitization of communication in research and teaching at the Institute for Communication Process Optimization. He also advises companies on digital education and online conferencing. How can communication in the digital age be made lively and appealing? With the HDHS method, he has developed a concept that provides the answer to this question and with the keynote speaker and trainer can take your fees to a new level. An analogous lecture about digital change – this balancing act masters Stone with a lot of humor and ease.

Alan Stevens

Alan  is Past President of the Global Speakers Federation and director of MediaCoach. He is also an author and journalist, and has been both a TV presenter and expert interviewee. He is also the only person in Europe with the highest professional accreditation in public speaking (FPSA, PSAE) and in public relations (MCIPR).

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Dr. Roman Szeliga

He is a doctor and manager, moderator, lecturer and author. The glue that holds it all together is humor: a social competence that is able to motivate, enthrall and lead people.

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Paul Ter Wal

Paul is the President 2019/2020 of the GSF; he is co-founder of the PSA Holland and PSA Belgium. He is CSP and FPSA and Honorary member of PSA Holland and Belgium. He normally speaks on Happiness Makes Money. His speech now is focussed on the GSF and the member associations.

Mylgia van Utrecht

Mylgia – Shake it till you make it! As a Zumba® Education Specialist, she has trained thousands of Zumba trainers for ten years. The speaker uses her contagious nature to get the audience moving. Everything is about a positive attitude towards life.

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