Program of the International GSA Convention 2019

Ilja Grzeskowitz, CSP Convention Chair 2019

Peter Brandl, CSP President of the GSA

“Voices of Change” – Give Change a Voice!

Do you know what the 28th of August 1963 and the 12th June 1987 have in common? Both days were speeches that turned out to be milestones in retrospect. Here voices were raised that became “Voices of Change” – because they significantly influenced the course of the story.

Almost everyone today knows the famous words spoken on those days: “I have a dream.” And “Tear down this wall!” History has shown that it takes courage to speak like Martin Luther King or Ronald Reagan to raise. Now we are asked: what can we do as speakers, speakers, as people to make a difference? What can we do with our votes?

From 5.-7. September will see all signs of change: Under the slogan “Voices of Change”, we will address these and other questions at the 14th International GSA Convention. In addition to the outside perspective, the view of the speakers market in Frankfurt is of course not too short: How is our industry changing, what impact do new digital tools have on business, what are the hotspots that speakers, trainers and coaches are dealing with today? Attendees can look forward to inspirational keynote speeches, exciting and unusual breakout sessions, international guests, and of course the opportunity for in-depth networking and exchange to initiate change together. And of course, a convention with a focus on change would not be complete, unless there would be a completely new format in the program: 5×5 – 5 speakers presenting one idea compressed on the main stage one after the other in 5 minutes. Be curious!