Exhibitors of the GSA Convention 2023

Exhibitors 2023


is an international bestselling author of more than 40 books and successful series with 8 well-known publishers.

As a ghostwriter and publisher, she has overseen over 50 ghostwritings and successful book productions in recent years. Her books have become SPIEGEL bestsellers and AMAZON bestsellers, among others. Large publishing houses approach her to develop new ideas. She consults and guides as a book coach and ghostwriter, and as a producer of high-impact books and digital products to increase sales for trainers, speakers and coaches.


HEINRICH KÜRZEDER “DER REDNERMACHER”, founder of the speaker agency 5 Sterne Redner, has successfully placed speakers more than 10,000 times in over 20 years as a speaker manager.

He manages to significantly increase the level of awareness of speakers and thus also the sales of “his” speakers. He has built up and marketed successful speakers such as Sven Gabor Janszky, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, Stefanie Voss and many others from the very beginning. Heini currently supports newcomers and helps them gain a foothold in the speaker market.

At his booth, the sales professional will give practical and immediately applicable tips on how to increase sales for newcomers and old hands alike. But beware: he only speaks Bavarian!


… is the motto of the business academy “Diamond Circle“, which was founded in 2022 by Marion Masholder. Marion has been accompanying trainers, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs in 1:1 mentoring on their way to success for more than 15 years. In 2022 she founded the “Diamond Circle” exactly for this target group and found ideal business partners in Thomas Bayer and Dominik Pfau.

In the “Diamond Circle” everything revolves around the topics of implementation, trends and visibility. The “Diamond Circle” offer is diverse. It ranges from an individual consultation, a weekend presence workshop, a one-week mastermind at international locations to an exclusive 6-month masterclass with very intensive individual support and exchange with like-minded people as well as our 13 top expert:in.

No more: Frustration, excessive demands, too little turnover – beginning of: Ease, quickly implementable tools, long-term success.


Understanding people without speaking their language:

The IQ FACE ACADEMY offers seminars and trainings exclusively with the Facemap System. The focus is on training to perceive, interpret and respond to other people’s dispositions, needs and abilities from the physiognomy of their face. It is an increasingly important social skill that helps us understand and interact effectively with other people’s emotions and intentions. By recognizing and interpreting different features and areas in faces with the Facemap System, we can better understand other people and know what their basic needs are. This enables us to get into contact more easily, to develop empathy and thus to build a sustainable relationship level, professionally as well as privately. Accordingly, our own communication can be adapted and raised to a new level.


The past few years have made it clear that neither live (online) training nor e-learning alone is the perfect solution for companies. The best future opportunities are offered by the combination of both methods: Blended Learning.

With blink.it, you as a trainer, speaker & coach simply accompany your participants online. Through the perfect dovetailing of live presence and online support, you can help your participants develop their skills in the long term. As an additional service or new saleable product. Once created, you can permanently generate sales.

Now with attractive GSA member benefits! Sounds exciting? Then visit us: www.blink.it

Thomas Göller has a vision. With his Mentoren Media publishing team, he firmly believes that small and medium-sized companies are particularly important for our society. That is what their content and stories are about.

This commitment contains three key words: companies, society and stories. These three complementary areas are covered by the three Imprint publishing brands:

Mentor Publishing is a business publisher that promotes and develops entrepreneurship in our society. It covers business, economics, marketing, management as well as leadership.

Telemach Publishing House publishes works that promote issues for an enlightened, free, democratic and responsible society. This covers the areas of society, ecology, personal development and politics.

Herodotus Publishing has the good stories and metaphors that bring us insights and make us understand the world better. In the tradition of the great storytellers.


Andreas Kolos looks back on more than 30 years of expertise in the field of charisma and charisma. As an aura medium, spiritual teacher, successful entrepreneur, sought-after keynote speaker and book author, he has made a name for himself and understands like no other how to focus on personal development and strengthening charisma. In doing so, he places particular emphasis on the close connection between spirituality and business.
Through his company, cutumi GmbH, Andreas Kolos offers a wide range of seminars and coaching sessions specifically designed for executives, managers and entrepreneurs. In an unconventional way he connects the business world and spiritual life concepts.

Andreas Kolos | Germany’s leading expert on charisma

www.cutumi.com | https://andreas-kolos.com/

The thoroughbred entrepreneur and marketing expert Gerd Kulhavy has been studying the recipes for success of well-known entrepreneurs, trainers and speakers in the national and international market for over 25 years. Meetings and conversations with prominent personalities from politics, sports, business, education and life style inspired him profoundly. As Chairman of the Management Board of Speakers Excellence Deutschland Holding GmbH, he now accompanies a select number of outstanding top speakers and entrepreneurial personalities on their way to becoming a “brand”. He is a man from practice for practice, who succeeds in effectively bringing the core topics and messages of an expert to the point. Gerd Kulhavy founded Speakers Excellence together with his wife Jana in 2002.


Today, with around 25 employees, the company is the leading speaker, trainer and speaker agency in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the knowledge forums he staged, since 2020 also in hybrid format, Gerd Kulhavy created an emotional marketplace for speakers, experts and customers alike. www.stuttgarter-wissensforum.de In 2018, Speakers Excellence created a digital revolution for event planning and speaker booking with the new live booking platform “Expert Marketplace”. www.expert-marketplace.de. The newly developed education platform Excellence Academy – the online academy for business excellence – complements the portfolio in the field of digital education in the B2B sector since 2021.


Intuitive decision-making: A gut feeling for success.

In the speaking business, speakers often make quick decisions. Unexpected situations require immediate action without irritating the audience. A clear inner voice and confidence are helpful, but stress can make this difficult. We often overhear our intuition. In the workshop we train the ability to decide effectively under pressure. Fears and blocks can influence intuition, so in the workshop you will learn the difference. A tool from my coaching kit helps to check intuition. There are still 30% of top managers worldwide trusting their intuition. My approach combines intuition and reason, while others rely on facts or intuition alone. Intuition can shatter dreams: a “no” doesn’t need justification if it feels wrong. As a former top 100 entrepreneur in the German Mittelstand, I owe a lot to my intuition. Managers never have enough time, but great responsibility. I learned to decide intuitively and to be successful as a result. Today I share my knowledge as a certified NLP trainer, coach, speaker and author. ERFOLG magazine named me an expert in “Spiritual Leadership” in 2022. My book “Der Bauchkompass” combines business and spirituality. Come to my workshop and strengthen your intuition. I look forward to seeing you!


Audio and especially podcasts have been in vogue for years – according to studies, a good quarter of all Germans now regularly listen to podcasts. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without them – whether for self-marketing or product marketing. “I wish that everyone would take a look at podcasting!” Dirk Hildebrand is a graduate media scientist, podcast professional, speaker & book author. He is the founder and editorial director of “audioEXPERTEN” – one of the most successful podcast service providers in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

The agency offers different possibilities of the conversion of the OWN Podcast. Dirk Hildebrand & the audioEXPERTEN team place thereby special value on the strategy and the qualitative hearing experience. Podcasts for external or internal communication are just as feasible as podcasts for employee recruitment. “Podcast is one of the big communication trends of our time. Everyone should consider a possible benefit for themselves.”


As a forward-looking business publisher, Gabal is one of the most important providers of media for all aspects of professional and private education and training. Our goal is the easy-to-understand communication of educational content at a high level. We offer content that interests our customers, that motivates and informs, that challenges, that is true to life. Our authors come largely from the continuing education industry. This ensures that the topics have been tested in practice and are didactically prepared in the best possible way for the user. With renowned authors such as Lothar Seiwert, Stephen R. Covey, Stefan Frädrich and a versatile program, we set trends, react to current changes and requirements in business, profession and society and prove time and again that business is everything but boring. From books to audio books and CD-ROMs to computer-based training and Internet workshops – GABAL Verlag offers a unique variety of media, tailored to the different needs and demands of its customers.


Charisma is the key to success as a speaker, coach and trainer.

The SCIL Profile® inspires and empowers you to strengthen your charisma and attractiveness. Charisma is the ability to recognize what is needed, the skill to do and say what is asked and the truthfulness to stay true to oneself. It is about precise perception and personal impact. SCIL Profile® is a diagnostic, training and coaching tool at the same time. It is the only method that fully maps the communicative repertoire of a personality and helps to expand it in a targeted way.

Become part of our community, which today (September 2023) consists of 143 trainers, coaches and consultants and is active in seven countries and four languages. Get qualified as a Practitioner or certified as a Master. Try out the diagnostics for free here at the GSA Convention at our booth. We look forward to the dialogue.

Amazingly different

Sabina’s life story proves that she herself has been living out as an entrepreneur for 20 years what she preaches in her keynotes. In the highly competitive financial industry, she amazed all her colleagues because, as a career changer from outside the industry, she achieved three times the average turnover in just the first 12 months. As a speaker, she ignited the entrepreneurial turbo for herself and managed to inspire 1000s of people in her lectures in the first 12 months.

In doing so, she focuses on distinctiveness and uniqueness – amazingly different, in fact – themes that have accompanied her since birth.

She is also the founder of the me2we format and the associated me2we congress.

Because it needs a strong me to create an even bigger we – the human being in focus.

To stand with people for people with a colorful, unconventional and amazingly different community.