PSASA CONVENTION 2022: The Power of US

PSASA April Convention 2022: The Power of US Die Convention der Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) findet vom 08.-10. April 2022 in Pretoria statt. Es geht u.a. um die unvergleichliche Stärke, Innovationen, Langlebigkeit, Mitgefühl und die grenzenlose Widerstandsfähigkeit des Rednerberufs. Save the Date! The PSASA 2022 convention is being held at the [...]

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Experience the pinnacle of the PSASA calendar at the 15th annual convention under the title Game Changers. Expand your capacity to change the game for your audiences, learn from industry experts how to change your business game to adapt to the ever-changing market, and develop your skill to change your personal game and stay [...]

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