CAPS Convention 2022

CAPS Convention 2023 - REUNITED IT seems like we had not even finished adapting to virtual – and now we are talking hybrid, pre-recorded plus live – and a multitude of other ways to deliver our content in this ever-changing landscape. How do you keep track of the trends in the speaking industry? How [...]

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PSA NL Convention: Innovation in Speaking 2022

INNOVATION IN SPEAKING 2022 In April 2021, PSA Netherlands organized the 1st Innovation in Speaking (un)conference. In April 2022, we will organize the latest innovations in/for the speaking community. Save the date! Nähere Infos folgen in Kürze! Termin Freitag, 1. April Ort Online oder Amsterdam

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PSA Un-Convention 2022

Covid-19 turned the speaking and events industry on it’s ear. Hopefully it will be the most significant disruption of this decade – the futurists, economists and demographers in our community will tell you it certainly won’t be the last. In order to thrive through our ‘next normal’ we have to be a bit – [...]

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CAPS 2021 Convention

CAPS 2021 CONVENTION IS GOING VIRTUAL As the world around us continues to change and evolve with the Global Pandemic, planning for the future is indeed difficult. We were hopeful we could gather in person in Calgary in December 2021, but there are still too many uncertainties. Planning for the CAPS convention takes months [...]

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PreConvention PEG International: Together through wild times

Together through wild times mit Steve Lowell (President GSF, Global Speakers Association): "How to Network on a Global Scale", Lindsay Adams (President VSA, Virtual Speakers Association International) and Alan Stevens (Organisation Global Speakers Summit 2022) "Update Global Speakers Summit 2022 in Ireland". How international networking partners can help you grow your own business and [...]

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PreConvention PEG MICE: Alles Online? Formate, Aktivitäten und Inhalte. Was treibt die MICE-Branche an?

Alles Online? Formate, Aktivitäten und Inhalte - Was treibt die MICE Branche Digital an? mit Bernd Braun Die MICE-Branche hat sich von analog auf digital umgestellt. Welche Formate benutzt die Branche dabei? Welche Inhalte können und welche nicht digital umgesetzt werden? Wie können Aktivitäten durch uns die Branche unterstützen und wie können wir uns [...]

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Asia Professional Speakers Singapore Convention 2021: Take Flight

Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2021: Take Flight: Building a Runway to your Future The convention will be held virtually in view of COVID- 19 restrictions. Unten finden Sie den Link zu weiteren Informationen und das Anmeldeformular für den Call for Speakers. Der Call for Papers läuft bis 5. Februar 2021. Termin 27.-28. Mai [...]

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Experience the pinnacle of the PSASA calendar at the 15th annual convention under the title Game Changers. Expand your capacity to change the game for your audiences, learn from industry experts how to change your business game to adapt to the ever-changing market, and develop your skill to change your personal game and stay [...]

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PreConvention PEG International: How to Speak more? How to Speak better?

How to Speak more? How to Speak better? mit Laura Baxter & Axel Liebetrau Agenda: 4:00   Welcome and Introductions with Laura Baxter and Axel Liebetrau (CSP) 4:15    Paul ter Wal (CSP) President of the Global Speakers Federation 4:30   Alan Stevens & Steve Bustin on the Global Speakers Summit 2022 in ublin, Ireland 4:45  [...]

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PreConvention PEG MICE: Was kann ein Vortragender als echten Nutzen für das Unternehmen mit in einen Auftrag bringen?

Was kann ein Vortragender als echten Nutzen für das Unternehmen mit in einen Auftrag bringen? mit Bernd Braun  Das allgemeine Standardwissen bei einer Vortragsanfrage geht davon aus, dass bereits alles andere, also das komplette Veranstaltungsumfeld feststeht. Die Praxis sieht jedoch völlig anders aus. Das Veranstaltungsumfeld wird erst dann richtig gebucht, wenn feststeht, um was [...]

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