Small Events, Big Back End: How To Add A New Revenue Stream to Speaking With Retreats, Masterminds & Group Programs

The speaking industry is shifting in unprecedented ways, with massive uncertainty plaguing “traditional” speaker models that rely on cushy keynote fees and corporate contracts. If you’ve been affected, perhaps you want another revenue stream to add to your offerings – and maybe even replace them! Michelle Villalobos, CSP, has crafted a simple framework to create a “Big Back End” using small events, retreats, and group coaching/mastermind programs (all without adding any cheesy or sleazy sales pitches at the end of your speeches). In this session, Michelle will share her small events/retreats/mastermind model that drives big back-end revenues (and big impact), as well as other game-changing business model and pricing strategies that she learned “the hard way.” Whether you choose to embrace this particular model or not, this presentation will have you thinking about YOUR business model and revenue streams in a whole new way.

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Michelle Villalobos