Tech Tools & Strategies to Get More #Business!

How do you win over prospects when they don’t know, like, and trust you…yet? And technology is all you’ve got to gain their confidence? In an increasingly digital world, professionals can easily fall into the trap of being technology-efficient, relationship-deficient. But not you. Not anymore. Get ready to blow your competition out of the water!
In this session, you will discover:
1. How to deliver high-tech, high-touch proposals that generate a high score with your prospects.
2. Ways to transform conference calls and ‘Zoom Rooms of Gloom’ into relationship-building vibrant, virtual marketplaces.
3. Fun tools to make you memorable in the eyes and ears of your clients.
Moderation: Rainer Petek, Chair der GSA Convention 2022
Aufzeichnung vom 01.06.2022
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