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Best Ways to Dazzle Audiences & Close Business Using Next-Generation Video Tools

with Graeme Newell, CSP

An entirely new generation of AI-based video tools has been introduced just in the past year. This groundbreaking gear has empowered both novices and pros to seriously up their video content creation game.

Using simple laptop video editors, stock footage, standard consumer gear, and stock graphics, acres of video can now be easily created live, all without the need for costly post-production.

Powerful new video and social media tools can now get you in front of audiences and prospects in dynamic new ways – all live on video. Video creation pro Graeme Newell shows you how to invigorate your online presentations and content marketing strategy with the latest generation of ingenious video tools.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily integrate acres of video into your presentations and sales strategy.
  • Configure the low-cost video gear and online services to dazzle audiences and sales leads.
  • Get more face time with prospects.
  • Stop stalking and start enticing high-value leads.

If you’re ready to upgrade from being a mere “presenter” to being a “video virtuoso” be sure not to miss this presentation.

Graeme Newell, CSP is a speaker who specializes in behavioral finance, but he is best known as the “virtual meeting maestro.” Graeme began his career as a network television producer for companies like CNN, CBS and Disney. Graeme has delivered more than 1200 online presentations at events in 25 countries, so he knows a lot about how to grab and hold audience attention.

Graeme teaches presenters how to use the latest video technology to build more dynamic and interactive online meetings. From the best low-cost gear to buy, to specific ways to wake up a sleepy audience, Graeme’s presentations are filled with practical tactics that will make all your video content more engaging.

Monday, April 25th, 2022, 6pm – 7pm

40 – 50 minutes of presentation
15 – 20 minutes Q & A

Rainer Petek, Chair GSA Convention 2022

Meeting-ID: 975 7237 7508

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